Wednesday, 7 October 2009

It's not only me that has felt the Winter wind already, surely.

I believe it is time for the leather jackets, boots and the essentail for Autumn 09... the Mac.

This one from TOPSHOP is define. The frill on the cuffs add a perfect girly touch.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009


I haven't been shopping for exactly a month. A month, girls how did I cope! The last time was when I was last home, so the excitement I experienced when searching for new summer wear was immense!

To be honest though the first trip was disappointing. We love Topshop but I found it has turned florescent and gone back to the 80's, this I am not a fan of. When I think of the summer, I think girly, pretty and flowy, Topshop have other ideas. However H a friend of a friend showed me a beautiful dress that covered all my essentials for the summer and where was it from. Yes that's right Topshop. Perhaps I didn't look to the depths of all corners. How I must try harder

My shopping trip got more exciting on the third trip and would you guess where I brought a stripped shirt dress, a lime green jersey dress and a floral boob tube from... Primark! Yes the cheap slightly tacky retail store produced my favourite pieces of my summer wardrobe. Not only was Primark the best place but the prices off all my pieces were no more then £10 perfect student prices!

Some others brilliant pieces from Primark for summer 09.
What do you think?

There's no place like home!

I am home!Yippee!

I hadn't been back in Stourport for a whole month, considering I cried everyday for the first month of University, a month without home was huge. I never ever thought that you could actually feel like you are home but as soon as I got into Birmingham it felt like home.

My Mum is a God send as she has the week off to spend with me over Easter and so far we have been shopping three times and out for food four times I got back Thursday night and it is now Tuesday. How I love my mummy!

Other pulses is seeing my friends, those friends that know everything about you and you don't have to try or explain what you mean when you say it. If you go to Uni you will know what I mean. If you don't then my advice is to appreciate you friends because making new ones is so much effort it's untrue.

Of course seeing my boyfriend everyday is a massive plus and he would kill me for putting him last!:)

I am going to enjoy my week at home more then I ever have and appreciate every second with the people I love most in the world because I'll soon be sat back in my room at Uni all alone once more. :(

Friday, 3 April 2009

What are you doing to help save the planet?

As energy costs spiral out of control and more carbon emissions shoot into the atmosphere everything we do is a greater importance every year. I have asked the people of Sheffield what they are doing to help save the planet's resources to see ongoing efforts of the city to be environmentally responsible.

Paul Mitchell, 45, Policeman, Treetown Crescent, Rotherham, S60.
"Our house re-washes plastic bags and basically recycles. I have a gas car (it’s 5 times cleaner) and I try not to break whilst driving as well as this we grow our own vegetables and give all our food scraps to our chickens. I hope this helps to save the planet."

Mark Billson, 27, Unemployed, Hill top Close, Rotherham, S60.
“Why would I help the planet, when it has done nothing for me? I have no one to look for in the future when I’m not around so what’s the point. So to answer you question, I do nothing to save the planet.”

Rita Boyce, 75, retired, 190 St. Phillips Rd, Sheffield, S3 7JY.
“We recycle all our papers, plastics; anything you can recycle really. I also have stuff in my loft…no my walls, that’s right my walls are insulated. I don’t use transport just walk about on my little old legs. I have a water meter too…no that saves me money not energy.”

Fiona Koomah, 21, Student, Norfolk Park Avenue, Sheffield, S2.
“At university; I turn off the lights and I don’t drive. Sheffield doesn’t have the recycle system like at home. I have bins to recycle paper, cans and glass at home. I don’t use a lot of hairspray I hope that’s helping to save our wonderful planet."

Malcolm Hobson, 59, Teacher, Wheatley Grove, Sheffield, S13.
“I ride my bike only-no cars and as a result, I guess I look better. I have replaced light bulbs in my house with low energy ones and I compost at home and school. We try to recycle fifty percent of garbage and use boxes instead of plastic at the supermarket."

Christiana Grels, 17, Cashier, Neville Close, S3.
“I’m sick of the rain; all it does is rain in Sheffield. I’m not doing much, I don’t recycle leave that to my Mum and Step dad. I walk because I can’t get a car, stuff the planet if I could get a car though!"

Tell me what you are doing to help save OUR planet by taking the poll to the right of the blog.

Bohemian Rhapsody!

With summer slowly approaching (hallelujah) the excitement of opening our dusty summer wardrobes is upon us. Of course with the thrill comes the stress of what to wear this season.

My favourite style of the summer is bohemian. It's brilliantly beautiful as well as gorgeously 'girly' both factors I believe are essentials to summer wear. and knee high boots, no, get the 'flowy', fabulous bohemian dresses out girls.

We all know Nicole Richie is the Queen Bee when it comes to the fashion of bohemian.

The classic baggy garments hang perfectly around her body emphasising the hippy feel. The red dress I particularly love has a sexy chic feel by finishing just above the knee with the white detail making the dress aborigine. The dress above the red, is perfect for this summer as the floral was shown on the catwalk which we can all add to our wardrobes.

Mischa Barton and Alexa Chung are other celebrities that hold the messy yet sleek style on their trim bodies. By adding a military jacket the two have made the style more wearable, it is also a must have this summer>(see Must Haves right hand of blog).

Hair is key to the bohemian way, whatever you do the hair can not and must not be perfect. It must be. Soft, gentle and natural is what to aim for, whether that be with loose curls, a loose bun or serum through ‘just washed’ hair, all work when wore with the beauty of bohemian.

To create your bohemian look ASOS is the best place to shop>(follow link in More fashion fixes, right side of blog).

If bohemian is your favourite style voted for it>right hand of blog!

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Eyes down it's quiz time!

1. What is an RSS link?

RSS (an abbreviation for Really Simple Syndication) is a family of web feeds formats used to publish frequently updated works—such as blogs entries, news headlines, audio, and video—in a standardized format.

2. Name three BBC journalists whose blog sites cover economics, arts and sport.

Stephanie Flanders runs an economics blog as she is the economics editor.
Razia Iqbal is the BBC's arts correspondant and has an art and culture blog.
There isn't a specific blogger for sports, it's a collaborated effort by the editors.

3. Which social networking sites have recently signed up to an EU code of practice on Child Safety?

There are seven in total including:
My Space

4. Which campaign's successful use of social networking has won it PR Week's campaign of the year award?

Barack Obama's campaign.

5. What is a podcast?

An audio programme in a compressed digital format, delivered via an RSS feed over the Internet to a subscriber and designed for playback.

6. Define 'Twitter' in no more than 140 characters.

Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to send and read other users' updates.

7. What four letter work could you use to describe how most web users read copy online?


8. What is social bookmarking?

A method for Internet users to store, organize, search, and manage bookmarks of web pages on the internet.

9. Name five of the most popular sites.

Digg, Reddit, Blinklist, Wikink, Scuttle.

10. What is Plain English? Describe in no more than 50 words.

Basically means plain language that is simple and easy for others to understand.

11. Find an original example of a sentence or paragraph in gobbledygook. Then transform using the principles of Plain English.

Gobbledygook example=
It is a tricky problem to find the particular calibration in timing that would be appropriate to stem the acceleration in risk premiums created by falling incomes without prematurely aborting the decline in the inflation-generated risk premiums.

Plain English=
It is a problem to find the right timing that is suitable to stop the speed up risk created by falling wages without quickly stopping the fall in price rises generated by risk of first-rates.

12. Name three recent international news stories 'broken' by twitter users?

The Hudson River plane crash
Earthquake 2008
Schiphol Plane crash.

Monday, 23 March 2009

How good is your Campaign?

Week 9- Campaign task.

Greenpeace website. (international)

The page exists to give the world a voice. The campaign is to change peoples attitudes towards to the world in which they live in. They promote people to protect the planet by showing them in detail what they can do to change the ways in which they live to benefit, protect and conserve the planet. It does not funding from governments, corporations or political parties but solely on what is donated voluntary. The work that is produced is done to stop climate change, protect ancient forest, oceans, stop genetic engineering and demands peace on the earth.

Good points=
  • Extremely easy to navigate.
  • Everything you can look at is on your right and the contents fixed in the centre (simple and clear)-on the home page and the news articles.
  • Emotive language throughout, pulling at heart-strings of 'green' believers-very effective.
  • The use of the colour green is very well used reflecting the message in the contents.
  • Tells the reader everything they need to know about Greenpeace. i.e. History, present, future, what the campaign does and how they do it.
  • All of the photography used are natural, painting the image of the effective work the campaign are doing.

Bad points=

  • News articles don't have a clear date of when they were written.
  • The overall look of the campaign page is slightly trivial as the florescent green makes it look slightly childlike. Not appealing to all ages.

Change4life Website.

This campaign is put across from the NHS to change peoples way of life to a healthier way. Its message is to make people (especially children) more active in the new age of life containing huge amounts of television, computer games etc. Obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer are used to shock viewers into changing their life to eat better, move more and live longer. This isn't a donating site and is just purely to the health of the people.

Good points=

  • Florescent colour reinforces the message of health. Yellow represents sun/happiness.
  • Easy reading that is easy to follow.
  • The use of graphics are fun and well used-do not take away from contents.
  • Graphics add impact.

Bad points=

  • Home page extremely simple-not much content on what campaign is about.
  • Viewers are expected to use top of site to navigate way around-this is not clear.
  • No persuasive language pretty black and white i.e. Join or don't not really emphasising the meaning of the site.

Fathers 4 justice.

A campaign is for what it says on the tin. It is for single fathers or separated fathers to gain justice on how their children are dealt with. They along with Greenpeace don't accept any donations from government as this would compromise the integrity of the campaign.

Good points=

  • Home page good layout can see everything on offer visually straight away.
  • Pictures are all very real and hit home to the viewer that they are all real fathers.
  • Great that when use sight only the middle context changes so don't have to re-navigate around sight.
  • Well written content, use of intellectual language.
  • Tells you what your money will do for the campaign.

Bad points=

  • Not sure if news article on home page is the newest or best or most read- very unclear.
  • Short writing leaving the reader to sometimes want more.
  • Design of Web page is boring-minimal colour and same writing style and font.
  • Too many links, don't necessary need all the information.